Local found ‘incompetent’ to stand trial


In Madison County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday a local woman was ordered to a mental health facility for treatment before she could stand trial.

Mental competency was an issue in the case of Julienne Robinson, 57, of Washington Court House.

Robinson is charged with passing a balloon of marijuana to her son, a London Correctional Institution inmate, via an open-mouth kiss. The alleged incident occurred in the prison visitation room in October 2016.

Officials at London Correctional Institution noticed something was off when reviewing footage of a routine visit between Robinson and her son, an inmate at the prison, last fall.

The two greeted each other with a long kiss on the mouth, an odd action for a mother and son and the most common way drugs are exchanged during visits.

The next time Robinson came to see him, officials confronted her. She allegedly confessed and gave them two balloons of marijuana she intended to give her son, according to assistant county prosecutor Nick Adkins.

During a pre-trial hearing in April, Robinson appeared glassy-eyed and unaware of the proceedings. Defense attorney Dustin Blake requested a mental evaluation for his client.

That evaluation found the woman incompetent of assisting with her defense and unable to understand legal processes that could put her in prison for up to three years. However, a doctor said Robinson could benefit from treatment.

On Tuesday, Judge Eamon Costello ordered the woman confined to a Cincinnati mental health facility until she is judged mentally able to stand trial.

By Jane Beathard

Contributing Writer

Jane Beathard is a contributing writer for The Madison Press.