Police Arrests/Citations


According to reports, the following individuals have been arrested or cited by the Washington C.H. Police Department. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

May 14

Thomas E. Shoemaker, 22, 410 E. Elm St., warrant for theft.

Samuel J. Higman, at large in Washington C.H., open container in public.

Jacie D. Prater, 18, 613 Robinson Road, speed 40/25.

Joshua B. Davis, 30, Sabina, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Stuart J. Beatty, 37, Plain City, Ohio, speed 50/35.

Roger M. Morales, 25, 636 W. Market St., no operator’s license.

Cathy J. Smith, 45, Greenfield, speed 50/35.

Corey A. Jarrell, 19, 424 W. Front St., New Holland, OVI, no headlights, traffic control device violation.

April L. Edwards, 37, 2027 Heritage Drive, speed 41/25.

May 13

Leilani M. Mosier, 37, 1119 Washington Ave., wrongful entrustment.

Jennifer S. Blanton, 32, New Holland, no operator’s license.

May 12

Brian D. Tedrick, 45, New Vienna, unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

Kasey R. Harper, 30, at large, possession of drug abuse instruments (first-degree misdemeanor), criminal trespass.

Damian M. Friley, 18, 1127 Campbell St., assault (first-degree misdemeanor).

Melissa L. Goldsberry, 18, 830 Washington Ave., assault (first-degree misdemeanor).

Craig S. Varney, 52, Greenfield, leaving scene of accident, no operator’s license.

Male, 16, Washington C.H., disorderly by fighting.

Male, 17, Washington C.H., disorderly by fighting.

Stephen L. Wilson, 28, 1119 Washington Ave., no operator’s license, parked over 12 from curb.

May 11

Derek J. Myers, 25, 6853 Upper Jamestown Road, Jeffersonville, reckless P/P.

Caleb L. Hines, 22, 553 Leesburg Ave., improper backing.

Donald K. Howland, 32, 2981 Harmony Road, obstructing.

Kayla S. Valentine, 23, 724 Peabody Ave., warrant – OSP/Xenia, possession of drug abuse instruments.

Robert Berwanger, 46, 704 John St., bench warrant.

Donald K. Howland, 32, 425 Millikan Ave., assault (first-degree misdemeanor).

Derek J. Myers, 25, 6853 Upper Jamestown Road, Jeffersonville, expired registration.

Christopher T. McGuire, 30, 59 N. Main St., Jeffersonville, assault (first-degree misdemeanor).

Ryan T. Mercer, 36, 1810 Beacon St., bench warrant – failure to comply.

May 10

Shelby D. Gosney, 23, Mt. Sterling, summons – criminal damaging.

Joshua T. Wilson, 30, Orgonia, Ohio, no operator’s license, no front plate, bench warrant – failure to comply.

Lewis D. George, 75, 601 Village Court E, stopping at railroad crossing violation.

Edward R. Patrick, 53, 678 Robinson Road, Lot 5, speed 39/25.

May 9

Cole A. Starkey, 20, 213 Clearview, speed 42/25.

Male, 17, Washington C.H., possession of schedule IV drugs (first-degree misdemeanor), obstructing (second-degree misdemeanor).

Dawn M. Jackson, 40, 13639 Reid Road, Jeffersonville, open container (misdemeanor).

Melissa J. Strahler, 45, 746 High St., open container (misdemeanor).

James Blackburn, 26, 638 S. Fayette St., bench warrant – failure to comply.

May 8

Jerrod L. Kessler, 20, Greenfield, speed 40/25.

Justin Stone, 26, 512 Campbell St., speed 40/25, excessive smoke.

Rusty D. Penwel, Jr., 29, 237 Green St., no operator’s license, failure to comply – bench warrant.

Makayla M. Lucas, 22, Greenfield, speed 49/25.

Scothe E. Collins, 29, Columbus, disorderly conduct (fourth-degree misdemeanor), possession of drug abuse instruments, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Guy N. Campbell, 26, 2414 Bogus Road, no operator’s license.

Female, 17, Washington C.H., red light violation.