Peterson announces Senate passage of bill to prepare Ohio’s workforce for in-demand jobs


COLUMBUS—State Senator Bob Peterson (R-Washington Court House) Thursday co-sponsored legislation aimed at making Ohio’s education system more responsive to the workforce demands of the state’s 21st century economy.

As part of an ongoing effort by state leaders, Senate Bill 3 will help in developing a statewide strategy aimed at preparing the next generation of workers to take on careers in some of Ohio’s most in-demand professions, according to Peterson.

“This is an important step in preparing Ohioans for the workplace of tomorrow. As our economy changes, so will the skills needed to secure a good-paying job,” said Peterson. “Senate Bill 3 builds on our efforts to ensure that the workforce is ready to take on careers in our region’s most in-demand professions.”

In collaboration with the Ohio Department of Education and Department of Higher Education, Ohio’s major industries would help to create a statewide strategic workforce plan for enhancing project-based learning and develop professional development programs that address how to build authentic, real-world, project-based learning into the curriculum.

A significant gap exists between the number of workers expected to hold degrees and certifications and the estimated labor force demands over the next 10 years. The bill seeks to narrow this gap by strengthening the connection between the state’s business and education communities, according to Peterson.

Senate Bill 3 will now be referred to the House for further consideration.

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