Dear Editor and Perry Township Residents:

At the April 10 Perry Township board meeting, trustee Dusty Smith reported that the Knorr property in New Martinsburg has been cleaned up some and that the owner is trying. The health department has granted a two-week extension.

The county replaced the sign on Bonner and Barrett roads. Discussing new business, our part-time hire J.T. brought up the township cemeteries. He wondered if the signs for the cemeteries could be changed, mentioning the sign at the Washington C. H. cemetery as an example. J. T. explained that he has to pull out and then put back the shepherd poles and solar lights when he mows or weed-eats. When the weed-eater hits a solar light the parts fly everywhere and he could be injured if hit by one of these parts. J.T. would like to see a way that the solar lights could be mounted on the stones.

The trustees believe that they are about the same as the other townships regarding cemeteries. They instructed J.T. to move the poles and lights into the mulch by the stones and if the objects are put back into the grass, remove them and take them to the township barn. The trustees decided to get small signs, which state something to the effect that the location of decorations will be determined by the ground’s keeper, to put below current signs. J.T. was also told that when he has time he should start removing the bad fence at the Cochran cemetery.

Trustee Smith reported a line fence issue with property on Fishback Road. The landowner who has livestock wants the adjacent landowner to pay for half of the line fence. Trustee Smith has contacted our county prosecutor to get a reading on this as the law keeps going back and forth. Trustee Tom Creachbaum announced that he has completed the three-hour online course to receive his required Sunshine Laws certification.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident