Restaurant Inspections


The Fayette County Health Department completed the following inspections, according to reports:


Midway Mini Mart, South Solon. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Operation satisfactory.

Jeffersonville Travel Center, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Dish washing procedure was being done without sanitizer, hand wash sink was not properly supplied with paper towels or a way to dry hands, mops must be air dried, a damp wash cloth was observed lying in the first bin of the three compartment sink, fans in walk in cooler are covered in dust, Karps Convect-a=A-Ray heating equipment is an unnecessary item in the store and must be removed to encourage proper cleaning of the store, employees did not have a measuring device to properly check temperature of hot foods, Tornado’s hot Food was being held at 130 degrees, must be at 135 degrees, test kit to check sanitizer is damaged and is unable to test correctly, there is a waste receptacle near the three compartment sink without a proper lid, the trays in the federal display cooler have an accumulation of dust and grime, this item needs to be cleaned to help prevent contamination.

Wendy’s, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Spray hose head at three compartment sink was submerged in the wash bin, the plumbing did not have a back flow preventative, the head needs to be washed, rinsed and sanitized and kept up and out of the wash bin.

Arby’s, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Fans in walk in cooler need cleaned of accumulated dust with a sanitary cloth to help prevent contamination.


Pettit’s Grocery, Bloomingburg. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Chicken prepared, was not properly date marked, time temperature controlled foods must be date marked seven days from preparation to limit growth of pathogens – corrected during inspection, rack holding canned goods is to clean to sight and touch, this rack needs cleaned to avoid possible contamination.

Family Dollar, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: Racks holding milk are not clean, dust is built up on fan guard in reach in cooler, there is no temperature measuring device in the cooler, store must have such device to monitor proper cold holding temperature of 41 degree, mop was resting on mop sink, mops must be air dried to avoid spreading contamination.

220 State Street Inc., Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Comments/violations: There is some mold on ice machine, this needs to be cleaned to prevent contamination of ice, moist wiping cloth was observed in hand wash sink.