Restaurant Inspections


The Fayette County Health Department completed the following inspections, according to reports:


El Dorado, 220 Washington Square. Follow-up inspection. Violations/comments: Moulding, FRP has been placed in all required areas. Previous violations have been corrected.


Speedway 7611 Llc., Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Crates under milk need to be clean to sight and touch. This prevents contamination.

Starbucks Coffee, 12478 U.S. 35 NW. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Operation satisfactory.

Flagway Inc., 635 Dayton Ave. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Ceiling of walk-in cooler is covered in dust. The ceiling needs cleaned to prevent possible contamination of product.

Waffle House, Jeffersonville. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Moist wiping cloths were observed lying on counter tops, when pot is in use moist wiping cloths must be kept stored in a sanitizing solution to avoid contamination, fan in walk-in cooler needs cleaned of accumulated dust.


Walmart, 1397 Leesburg Ave. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Dish washing procedures were incorrect at three compartment sink at deli, proper dish washing procedure is first wash, second rinse, third sanitize, corrected during inspection, dust is accumulating on fans in walk-in cooler at the milk, fans need to be cleaned of dust with sanitized cloth to prevent possible contamination.

Pettit’s #5, Greenfield. Follow-up inspection. Violations/comments: Plastic utensil/coffee and pop lid area has been cleaned up and is now clean to sight and touch. Investigator did observe lunch meat in deli cooler without proper date mark on them. Advised employee to always put date mark on lunch meat when opened. The lunch meat in question was discorded at time of inspection.

WalMart Supercenter Subway, 1397 Leesburg Ave. Standard inspection. Violations/comments: Handwash sink was observed without soap and paper towels both sinks must be properly equipped for proper hand wash procedures to eliminate disease – corrected during inspection, pop nozzles need cleaned of debris/mold, this could lead to contamination if not cleaned daily – corrected during inspection, MGR Rick Patel stated first tub of three compartment sink is broke, dish washing procedures must be first wash, second rinse and third sanitize.