Seventeen members met at the Commission on Aging for the bi-monthly meeting of the Fayette/Madison County Public Employee Retirees Inc. on March 22.

President Sylvia Hildreth called the meeting to order and asked everyone to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance. She introduced Ohio State University Extension Director, Family Consumer Science Educator Pat Brinkman. She pleased the group by giving a presentation concerning eating healthy as we age. The information included what to eat, what to drink, how the food chosen affects your system and to eat sensibly.

After Hildreth thanked Brinkman for the presentation, she called the meeting to order for the business meeting. Hildreth gave the secretary’s report due to the absence of secretary, Jeanne Immell. Treasurer Connie Watson gave the treasurer’s report. The reports were accepted as given.

Jim Essman had nothing new for a legislative report.

In the president’s report, Sylvia reported that the OPERS Board of Trustees approved a plan that will provide financial assistance for healthcare to surviving spouses whose income is at or below 100 percent of the federal poverty level and meet other criteria, including age and years of service by the spouse. They reviewed several options and agreed to approve a three-year pilot program to begin in 2018.

The district meeting will be in June. It is not finalized but Sylvia knows we will have to pay our share of the meeting room costs and asked to have permission to pay this. It was approved. The president asked for everyone who planned on going to let Connie Watson know and she will send the check to the appropriate place, and the members who go can pay at the May meeting.

Terry Summers of Summers Funeral Home will be at the next meeting to discuss funeral laws and details, including pre-planning.

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be May 24 at the COA at 12:30.

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