According to reports, the following individuals were arrested or cited by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

March 22

Terrell Baker, 41, Jeffersonville, obstructing official business, resisting arrest, escape, failure to appear.

Mitchell Babouef, 25, Oswego, speed.

Barbara Tautkus, 66, Hillsboro, speed.

Tyler Belcher, 35, Washington C.H., speed.

Anita Weeks, 64, Columbus, speed.

March 21

Jonathan Pursley, 28, Sheffield Lake, possession of chemicals for manufacturing.

Starr Hall, 37, Bainbridge, probation violation.

Sidney Binegar, 19, At Large, probation violation (two counts).

Aaron Smith, 32, Greenfield, probation violation.

Brandon Elkins, 31, Washington C.H., probation violation (three counts).

March 20

Justin Hawkins, 30, Columbus, failure to comply, receiving stolen property.

David Dejarnette, 27, Washington C.H., having weapons under disabilities.

Chandler Manning, 18, Washington C.H., failure to control.

Justin Thibert, 31, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

March 19

Billy-Joe Tipton, 43, Washington C.H., OVI (two counts), driving under suspension, marked lanes.

Jacob Moore, 32, Washington C.H., marked lanes.

March 18

Carl Buhrts, 25, Columbus, disorderly by intoxication.

Jeremy Mothershead, 25, Greenfield, failure to control.

March 17

John Williams, 55, Washington C.H., cultivating marijuana.

April Hawkins, 29, Jeffersonville, domestic violence.

Connie Howe, 66, Washington C.H., stop sign.

Robert Elkins, 62, Grove City, OVI (two counts), failure to signal.

Leslie Steele, 44, Canal Winchester, speed.

March 16

Carla Knisley, 40, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Travis Langley, 26, Washington C.H., failure to comply.

Carla Pennington, 40, Washington C.H., physical control.

Brittney Benjamin, 26, Delaware, speed.

Gerard Korthyna, 23, Columbus, speed.

Joshua Wolfe, 20, Bloomingburg, failure to control.

March 15

Sharae Branch, 23, Clayton, theft.

David Everhart, 45, Washington C.H., receiving stolen property (five counts).

Spencer Wilson, 23, Washington C.H., probation violation.

David Dejarnette, 28, Jeffersonville, felonious assault.

March 14

Female, 16, Washington C.H., failure to yield.

Joseph Heimann, 36, Washington C.H., OVI (two counts), failure to control, driving under suspension.

Morgan Michael, 22, Xenia, failure to control.

March 13

Corey Jarrell, 19, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

William Hicks, 49, Cedarville, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

March 12

Misty Rapp, 31, Bloomingburg, domestic violence.

Nathan Rapp, 27, Bloomingburg, domestic violence.

Nicolas Ranieri, 21, Loveland, failure to control.

March 11

Michael Mason, 30, Bloomingburg, domestic violence.

Valerie Gates, 58, Washington C.H., failure to control.

March 10

Danish Mohan, 35, Atlanta Ga., speed.

Michael Compton, 59, Ashland, assured cleared distance.

March 9

Hannah Owens, 20, Mt Sterling, speed.

Dawn Shull, 43, Mt Sterling, speed.

Susan Braun, 68, Cincinnati, speed.

Victor Adegbola, 62, Gahanna, speed.

Yi Jin, 22, Columbus, speed.

Tony Peterman, 27, Bloomingburg, failure to appear.

March 8

Caleb Workman, 29, Bloomingburg, criminal damaging.

Garrett Butcher, 30, Greenfield, possession of drugs.

Brandi Garringer, 38, South Solon, failure to yield.

March 7

Green, Damon, 60, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Amy Pepper, 40, Washington C.H., non support.

Sheila Speakman, 38, New Holland, failure to appear.

Janetta Armstrong, 47, Louisville Ky, speed.

Talena Wise, 53, Frankfort, possession of heroin.

Darla Wilson, 52, Washington C.H., probation violation.

Tommy Hodge III, 37, Washington C.H., obstructing off business.

Anna Ward, 40, Washington C.H., obstructing off business.

Michael Ward, 21, Washington C.H., obstructing off business.

Sharon Carner, 21, Washington C.H., theft by deception.

March 6

Bradley Hatfield, 30, Washington C.H., robbery.

Nickie Brooks-Greer, 47, Cincinnati, speed.

Bruce Saxour, 55, Washington C.H., failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Keijidrea Hurston, 22, Dayton, Theft (two counts).

Matthew Allen, 26, South Solon, right of way at stop signs.

Michael Rooks, 61, Springfield, failure to control.

Stephanie Blair, 34, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Shannon Sever, 34, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

March 5

Olivia Jackson, 24, Washington C.H., speed.

Samantha Pierce, 24, Sidney, speed.

Jessica Eads, 31, Charleston W. Va., speed.

Dawn Casteel, 45, Jeffersonville, speed.

Bradley Carr, 34, Washington C.H., failed to appear for pretrial hearing.

Brittany Price, 26, Raleigh, N.C., driving under suspension, marked lanes.

Christopher Ward, 45, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

March 3

Melissa Thompson, 35, Washington C.H., grand theft of a firearm, theft (three counts), misuse of credit cards, grand theft of a motor vehicle, receiving stolen property (two counts).

Darren Williams, 45, Louisville Ky, theft (six counts), tampering with evidence.

Scott Frump, 23, Washington C.H., failure to appear.

Steven Garufi, 35, Washington C.H., burglary (eight counts), theft, theft of drugs, breaking and entering, receiving stolen property.

Waylon Holbrook, 38, Washington C.H., domestic violence.

Lindsey Tice, 24, Washington C.H., failure to yield.

Male, 17, Bowersville, failure to yield at a stop sign.

Female, 17, Hillsboro, failure to control.

March 2

Fred Blevins, 59, Hillsboro, speed.

Danny Collins, 54, Washington C.H., disorderly by intoxication.

Matthew Bowsher, 40, Jeffersonville, theft.

Zanette Bowsher, 33, Jeffersonville, theft.

Gail Ellars, 56, Washington C.H., deception to obtain a dangerous drug, illegal possession of drug documents.

March 1

Destiny Wilson, 35, Washington C.H., failure to appear (three counts).

Paul Smith, 36, Washington C.H., possession of heroin.

Aron Seay, 32, Washington C.H., probation violation.