Master Gardeners meet at OSU Extension Office

The Fayette County Master Gardeners met Monday, Oct. 19 at the OSU Extension Office.

President Pat McGilly called the meeting to order. Minutes and the treasurer’s report was discussed and approved.

Old business consisted of the upcoming class for new volunteers scheduled for January 2016. Anyone interested in participating should contact Courtney Michael at 740-335-1150. The annual banquet is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. Rachel’s House Catering will be preparing the meal.

A budget was discussed and approved for the banquet with a deadline of Nov. 23 for RSVPs.

Officers were nominated from the floor and those serving next year will be: President, Brenda Caudill; Vice President, Debbie Roby; Secretary, Michele McMurray; Treasurer, Sara Creamer; and Historian, Carolyn Essman.

New business discussed was an in-house audit for the books to be done by the OSU staff. Jim Essman read a thank you. Don Creamer mentioned day lilies and demos by an unnamed group. The educational part of the meeting followed the adjournment.

Bev Mullen gave a seminar on how to use dried flowers from our gardens. Thanks to Bev the membership learned how to make pop-up greeting cards.

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