County roads set for paving


The Fayette County Engineer’s Office recently released its schedule of the roads and streets that are set for asphalt paving.

The resurfacing is scheduled to begin this Thursday, Aug. 6 and last approximately two to three weeks, according to Fayette County Engineer Steve Luebbe.

“The plan at this point is to start on Fairview Road and work clockwise around the county. Of course like all construction projects, everything is subject to change,” said Luebbe. “We’ve got a sizable program this year. Approximately 33 miles or 10 percent of the county-maintained roadways will see some sort of treatment.”

The total contracted amount for all work is $1,389,527.

The roadways scheduled for asphalt paving include:

County roads – Creek Road from Miami Trace Road to Rock Bridge Road; Harrison Road from Danville Road to White Oak Road; Milledgeville-Octa Road inside the village limits; Old US 35 from Palmer Road to Jupiter Street; Old US 35 from Kennedy Avenue to State Route 753; Snowhill Road from Greenfield-Sabina Road to Miami Trace Road; Old US 35 from the county line to State Route 435; and West Road from White Oak Road to US Route 62.

Harrison and Snowhill roads are also to be widened approximately two feet. “We’ve been systematically widening county roads over the past 15 years, trying to get most of them to 20 feet in width,” said Luebbe. “In general a wider road is a safer road.”

Township roads and village streets – Village streets and alleys in Milledgeville; Compton Road from Carrs-Mill Jamestown Road south approximately one mile; Jenks Road form Edgefield Road to Garringer-Edgefield Road; McCafferty Road from Post Road to State Route 207; Cross Road from Zimmerman Road to Greenfield-Sabina Road; Ghormley Road from State Route 41 to the Wayne Township line; Walnut Creek Road from Washington-New Martinsburg Road to Limes Road; and Fairview Road from the overpass to White Road.

Cox Paving will be doing all of the roads except for the section of Old 35 near the Greene County line, which will be completed by Strawser Construction, according to Luebbe.

The county’s Chip Seal contract is scheduled to begin on Aug. 17 and last approximately one week. According to Luebbe, the chip seal is a lower cost alternative to paving generally reserved for roads with less traffic.

“We know chip seals aren’t popular and we understand that. Unfortunately, we just cannot pave everything like we did 10 to 15 years ago,” said Luebbe. “The cost of asphalt has nearly tripled in 15 years while our budget has increased by about 30 percent in that time. There just isn’t the money available and grant money for just resurfacing is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. We’ve been forced to find alternatives. We have to do something or you wind up with a road so bad it needs rehabilitation and that is really big money.”

County roads scheduled for chip seal include: Boyd Road from Old 35 to Washington-Good Hope Road; Camp Grove Road from the Good Hope village limits to Old 35; Carrs Mill-Jamestown Road from State Route 41 to State Route 729; Edgefield Road from Greene County line to US 35; Milledgeville-Octa Road from Allen Road to Old 35 (except village); Myers Road from Danville Road to Harrison Road; Sollars Road from Clinton County line to Greenfield-Sabina Road; and Pisgah Road from the Ross County line to Washington-Good Hope Road.
Engineer’s Office schedules work to begin Thursday

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