Enhancing Motivation


Ever caught yourself saying “I just don’t have the motivation?” I hear this statement frequently and have even given way to it. Although, anytime I am saying this, it is really coming from an undercurrent feeling of not even wanting to try or give effort.

It is a pity that I blame apathy at the hands of motivation. I have found that in most circumstances that I do, in fact, have the motivation.

The workout is a prime example. As somebody who is known for their fitness, I will get comments in general conversation like “I wish I had your motivation.” Trust me, my thought process works similar to even the most inactive people. The difference is that the desire to feel good about myself outweighs the desire to beat myself up for not doing anything about it. Exercise provides this for me.

What stops us most often is the forethought of how the workout should go. Creating any expectations of exercise already drains our spirit from the flow of a workout. Being meticulous and picky about things is like sitting in rush hour traffic. It is slow going and creates a strong desire to be anywhere but in the place you are at.

Something special happens when we let go of all the expectations. We lose any sense of how the rules apply and use our own innate wisdom to get through. We get a feel for ourselves. This is where inspiration and determination are found. And it is motivating. We want to do it again. We want to explore and discover what else we know about ourselves.

For me, I have found many other avenues to travel with exercise. Doing so has given me a different view on the landscape of a workout. This is nice because a lot of my frustrations come from the fact that I could not see it any other way. Yet, it was always up to me to take different direction.

Stop asking for the fastest way. Stop asking for the best way. In doing so, you’re truly seeking the easy way. Which is a crowded road. I encourage you discover for yourself new ways to get around. Doing so releases tension from a stressed mind. Whether it is an elaborate workout plan or a simple walking routine, either will lead you to a motivating path.

By Trey Tompkins

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.

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