What are you doing in your backyard?


Dona and Harry Langley

Trent, Carson and Rilee Langley

When Dona and Harry Langley moved from the country to the city, they brought their perennials with them. Harry rented a sod cutter. Dona and her friend, Kay Ellis, moved her collection of plants. She has been adding plants to her yard every since.

Bees were buzzing when I visited Dona Langley. Her flower beds were full of native pollinators hard at work. Dona plants a lot of native plants in her yard like butterfly weed, milkweed, and evening primrose. She has at least 20 different varieties of flowers. She was inspired as a child by watching older ladies in her neighborhood tending their flower beds. Later in life, her friend Kay Ellis shared her gardening passion with Dona. She has shared her passion with her grandchildren Trent, Carson, and Rilee Langley, and her neighbors by giving starts of her perennials.

Dona also has five feeding stations for birds. She has also attracted orioles and butterflies with oranges she puts on her fence. Her philosophy is to dig a plot and put the flowers in clumps. By carrying a shovel in her car she finds plants in the field and along roads. In the spring she puts a little Epson salt on her beds. She also collects seeds for the next year. Dona is doing her part one yard at a time and sharing her passion with her neighbors.

If you are interested in a Backyard Conservation Audit, contact the Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District and speak with Brigitte Hisey, natural resource specialist, at 740-636-0279. We can give you ideas for your backyard. Be inspired.

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