Reporting communicable diseases


The Fayette County Health District provides a nurse to assure that communicable diseases occurring within the health jurisdiction are appropriately reported as mandated by the Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 3701-3 and to prevent the spread of infectious disease by timely interventions resulting in detection, treatment, contact investigation and education.

The communicable disease nurse checks the Ohio Disease Reporting System(ODRS) twice a day during business hours and follows up with the providers to ensure they have received reports, and has had the opportunity to communicate with the client.

Reports are also received via fax from doctors, laboratories, hospitals or from other health departments where the tests were performed. The communicable disease nurse then enters the information into ODRS, determines if the case has received adequate education, treatment and contact follow up is completed according to the Ohio Department of Health Infectious Disease Control Manual.

A monthly communicable disease summary, listing the name and number of infectious disease reports received, is submitted to the Director of Nursing. Examples of reportable diseases in Ohio include Hepatitis A, B, and C, influenza – associated with hospitalizations, Pertussis, Salmonella, Campylobacteriosis are just a few of the diseases we follow. In all cases the confidentiality of the client is strictly maintained.

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