Fire In The Sky ready for the party


A trainee learns how to set controls on one of the new firing modules.

Dan Fowler holding the new control panel for this year’s Fire In The Sky fireworks show.

Fire In The Sky training class, day one.

“OK, let’s get to the training so we can give Fayette County and its visitors the best show they have ever seen.”

That’s how Dan Fowler, president of Fire In The Sky, started the first of a two-day training for assistants to be licensed by the state to help with the annual Fourth of July fireworks show. The fireworks go off at dusk this Friday, July 3.

This is year 15 for Fire In The Sky. Prior to 2001, the local chapter of the Jaycees had been providing the fireworks show. When the Jaycees made it known they were not interested in continuing with the fireworks display, the Washington Court House Firefighters’ Association took over and the organization slowly morphed into today’s non-profit Fire In The Sky. Many of those who were affiliated with the Jaycees are part of today’s Fire In The Sky committee.

Earlier this year, Fire In The Sky was awarded its 503(c)3 status which means when you donate to Fire In The Sky you can report that on your taxes.

It’s been a big year for Fire In The Sky. First the 501(c)3 designation, add in its 15th birthday and, for the 2015 show, the committee will be introducing its new firing system.

“This is state of the art when it comes to firing mechanisms for fireworks shows,” notes Fowler. “It is an all wireless system and will allow for a quicker set up time and a faster breakdown time.” Smiling, Fowler adds, “This system is really different than the old one. The new control panel can be held in one hand while the old one was about 18 by 30 inches.”

As to the soundtrack, the music is chosen by the committee, with requests or suggestions taken from community members. Fowler shares that “we try to please everybody” and so you will hear contemporary, country, rap, oldies and patriotic selections. The soundtrack was prepared months ago.

The committee has been doing this for so long they can picture what each shell looks like when fired and how that will fit with the chosen musical selection. When the soundtrack is completed it is transferred to a thumb drive and will be plugged into the new control panel. “This new control panel even does its own system wide diagnostic checks.” says Fowler. “If the music gets out of sync with the shells, just the push of a few buttons aligns everything again.”

With so many new pieces coming together for this one event, the committee is hoping everyone will make the time to come to the Fayette County Fairgrounds on July 3 to participate in the biggest birthday party ever…the birthday of the U.S.A.

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