FCSO Arrests


The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office arrested or cited the following individuals. They are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.


Rosemarie Gomez, 43, Columbus, speed.

Joshua Teagardner, 27, Columbus, probation violation.


Michael Baker, 41, Jeffersonville, domestic violence, assault, probation violation.

William Culver, 34, Fayetteville, N.C., improper backing.

Bryson Burns, 42, Washington CH, failure to comply with lawful order of peace officer.

Justin Smith, 31, Washington CH, OVI, failure to control, driving under suspension (OVI).


Brian Leeth, 45, Piketon, failure to appear, non-support dependents.

Jessica Harmison, 40, New Holland, right of way when turning left.

Rachel Israel, 29, Wellston, speed.

William Skaggs, 30, Washington CH, probation violation.

Austin Chance, 20, Sabina, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Richard Smith, 52, Washington CH, disorderly conduct.

David Miller, 64, Mount Sterling, OVI, marked lanes violation, taillights.


Andrew Rackley, 27, Bainbridge, probation violation.

Justin Phillips, 25, Washington CH, possession of heroin.

Brittany Myers, 24, Washington CH, probation violation.

Samuel Garr, 21, Wexford, Penn., speed.


Mykola Chenko, 40, Sacramento, improper backing.

Blake Garringer, 19, Hillsboro, failure to control, seat belt violation.


Heather Sharp, 26, Huber Heights, speed.

Anthony Garcia, 38, Jeffersonville, probation violation (x2).

Dallas Whaley, 22, Washington CH, possession of schedule III drug.

Tyler Skime, 28, Gonvick, Minn., OVI, u-turn,driving on sidewalk.


Jonathan Waller, 18, Dublin, speed.

Leslie Silvestre, 23, Hilliard, speed.

Yung Shann, 62, Columbus, speed.

Dennis Hughes, Jr. 25, Xenia, possession of drug abuse instrument, theft.

David Teeters, 40, Washington CH, traffic control device.

Keri Leach, 32, New Holland, endangering children.


Jordan Fraley, 22, Washington CH, theft.

Sergiu Tabirta, 21, Mountain Lake Terrace, Wash., backing without safety.


Kyle McKnight, 24, Jamestown, no turn signal, no operator’s license.

Erica Fahey, 29, Wilmington, N.C., driving under suspension.

Abdullah Halwachi, 18, Columbus, speed.

Johanna Christine, 20, Washington CH, speed.


Zachariah Rhoades, 34, Greenfield, domestic violence.

Katherine Reeves, 26, Washington CH, probation violation.

Dustin Schwalbauch, 25, Williamsport, failure to appear (x2), escape.

Liberty Hanna, 36, Washington CH, probation violation.

Bradley Hanna, 33, Washington CH, probation violation.


Bradford Howard, 38, Jeffersonville, domestic violence.

Brandon Russell, 22, Columbus, probation violation.

Teresa Everhart, 32, Greenfield, improper passing.

Donald Howland, 30, Washington CH, parole violation.

Stephanie Lansing, 38, Bloomingburg, disorderly conduct, obstructing official business.

MAY 31

Thomas Woods, 34, Jeffersonville, attempt.

Jonah McCoy, 40, Washington CH, marked lanes violation, OVI (2 counts).

MAY 30

Christopher Burson, 31, Bloomingburg, probation violation.

Starlina Bryan, 35, Washington CH, unauthorized use of property (7 counts), misuse of credit card (7 counts).

Kenneth S. Mitchell, 43, Washington CH, unauthorized use of property (8 counts), misuse of credit card (8 counts).

Jordan Fraley, 23, Washington CH, probation violation.

Joseph Angeletti, 41, Washington CH, theft, forgery (6 counts), receiving stolen property, misuse of credit card, burglary (2 counts).

Bobbi Sturgell, 40, Washington CH, receiving stolen property, misuse of credit card, burglary, theft, forgery (6 counts).

Ronald Burkhard, 77, Washington CH, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Raynsya Rivera, 20, Columbus, speed, driving under suspension.

Mia Hamm, 18, Jeffersonville, speed.

MAY 29

Troy Broseker, 43, Washington CH, receiving stolen property (2 counts).

Thomas Christman, 29, Washington CH, breaking and entering (4 counts), theft (4 counts).

Jacob Richter, 32, Washington CH, assault on peace officer, vandalism, obstructing official business.

Sarah Kennedy, 28, Chillicothe,attempt.

Sharon Lester, 67, Blanchester, failure to yield at intersection.

Rondie Tyree, 29, Washington CH, expired registration.

MAY 28

Dustin Pinkerton, 31, Washington CH, failure to appear (x2).

Travis Langley, 24, Jeffersonville, probation violation (x2).

Chelsey Wright, 25, Bowersville, speed, driving under suspension.

MAY 27

Jason Collins, 38, Washington CH, probation violation.

Andrew Brown, 24, Washington CH, endangering children.

Allen Mincey, 28, Washington CH, menacing.

Nathan Tillis, 22, Washington CH, two headlights required, driving under suspension.

Reiff Bennett, 25, Washington CH, speed.

MAY 26

Bradley Hanna, 33, Washington CH, probation violation.

Liberty Hanna, 36, Washington CH, probation violation.

Jessica Lane, 29, Hillsboro, probation violation.

Dustin Wilson, 21, Washington CH, possession of marijuana.

MAY 22

Michael Leisure, II 34, Washington CH, probation violation.

Pearl Sutton, 60, Bloomingburg, OVI, failure to control, leaving the scene.

Jaspal Singh, 24, Carteret, N.J., traffic control device.

MAY 21

Matthew Alltop, 24, Washington CH, domestic violence.

Matthew Vance, 29, Washington CH, domestic violence, menacing.

Melissa Fields, 43, Washington CH, probation violation.

Derek Moore, 30, Washington CH, domestic violence.

Male, 16, Washington CH, traffic control device.

Eric Kramer, 23, Cincinnati, traffic control device.

MAY 20

Whitney Delong, 27, Bloomingburg, probation violation.

Timothy Speakman, 48, Washington CH, failure to appear.

Tammy Althouse, 34, Washington CH, failure to appear (x2).

Derek Honacher, 20, At Large, criminal trespassing.

Denise Reed, 25, Washington CH, obstructing official business.

MAY 19

Chad Loring, 36, Columbus, failure to appear.

Amanda Booker, 33, Columbus, theft.

Tyisha Youngblood, 22, Columbus, theft.

Brandi Darthard, 27, Columbus, theft.

James Valentine, 74, Washington CH, improper backing.

MAY 18

Dustin Arnett, 19, Washington CH, disorderly conduct.

Chasity Mickle, 27, Washington CH, probation violation.

MAY 17

Larry Rhoads, 56, Greenfield, physical control.

Kyle Maddux, 31, Washington CH, possession of heroin.

James Majewski, 35, Stroogsville, failure to control.

Jeremy Rogers, 30, Washington CH, failure to assure clear distance ahead.

Charles Cordy, 29, Wilmington, failure to control, seatbelt.

MAY 16

Scott Frump, 21, Washington CH, possession of heroin.

Stacie Askins, 24, Delaware, physical control, open container in motor vehicle, obstructing official business.

MAY 15

Zane Cooper, 18, Cincinnati, failure to control.

Clarence Walters, 26, Washington CH, pandering obscenity minor (3 counts), pandering sexually oriented material minor (2 counts), illegal use of minor in nudity; possession of criminal tools.

Tammy Welch, 35, Washington CH, theft by deception.

Chana Moore, 36, Washington CH, possession of heroin, possession of drug abuse instrument.

April Wilson, 23, Washington CH, theft by deception.

Anthony Maynard, 32, Washington CH, aggravated possession of drugs.

Robert Heath, 35, Washington CH, domestic violence.

Phoebe Bradshaw, 33, Washington CH, theft by deception.

Jessica Bellomy, 30, Washington CH,theft by deception.

Female, 17, Bloomingburg, no valid driver with temporary permit.

MAY 14

Heidi Collie, 34, Washington CH, probation violation.

Melissa Fields, 42, Washington CH, probation violation.

Melissa Wasson, 39, Elizabeth, Penn., speed.

Roy Burchett, 47, London, domestic violence.

MAY 13

Angela Hill, 28, Bloomingburg, probation violation.

Christopher Hardy, 30, Dayton, receiving stolen property (4 counts).

Tiffeny Hughes, 33, South Salem, marked lanes violation, driving under suspension, failure to appear.

Aaron Armbrust, 33, Washington CH, speed.

Jack Gose, 25, Williamsport, failure to control.

MAY 12

Brian Robinson, 52, Bloomingburg,leaving the scene, failure to control.

Haider Ali, 20, Obetz, speed.

Lairent Williams, 43, Navarre, Fla., speed.

MAY 11

Stephan Joseph, 28, Jeffersonville, probation violation.

Joann Shapley, 36, Greenfield, probation violation.

Elizabeth Seitz, 25, Washington CH, assault, drug abuse instruments.

William Yoakum, 44, Washington CH, drug abuse instruments.

Isse Mohamad, 19, Louisville, Ky., failure to comply.

MAY 10

Robert Morris, 37, Georgetown, OVI, OVI per se, failure to control.

Female, 13, Jeffersonville, unruly.


Abdulrahman Arim, 24, Beavercreek, Speed.

Arron Blouse, 27, Jeffersonville, Disorderly Conduct.

Billy Joe Glipsie, 23, Jeffersonville, Failure to Control, Left of Center.

Brooke Merritt, 32, Jeffersonville, Domestic Violence.


Traci Corbin, 25, Washington CH, failure to yield.

Joseph Butz, 25, Sedalia, failure to control, leaving the scene.

Tyler Yoakum, 20, Washington CH, drug paraphernalia.


Emily Richter, 21, Oregonia, speed.

Angela Harris, 44, Fairburn, Ga., failure to appear.

Tina Teague, 49, South Solon, failure to control.

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