Orcutt on Fantasy Football: Big names on start/sit list


We made it to Week 10 of our Fantasy Football Season. The Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots and New York Jets have bye weeks. We also have a 9:30 a.m. game this week in Munich, Germany between Seattle and Tampa.


Start: Tom Brady vs Seahawks

Brady has looked bad all season. He has played behind a bad line, his WRs have been hurt and he had no run game, but he is headed to his 4th international game, and he is 3-0 in those games. He has averaged 317 yards and 3 TDs per game for 26 fantasy points per game. Seattle is middle of the road on the season only allowing 17.9 points per game, but they have allowed 2 of their last 3 opponents to score more than 22 points.

Start: Justin Fields vs Lions

Another week, another start your QB against the Lions narrative. At the beginning of the season Fields was on all of my Do Not Start lists, now it appears he has found his way. Fields isn’t dominating through the air, but he makes up for it on the ground. Last week he had 47 fantasy points with 178 yards on the ground. This week he faces a Lions defense that is giving up 21.6 fantasy points ger game to opposing QBs.

Sleepers: Jacoby Brissett vs Dolphins, Sam Ehlinger @ Raiders, Andy Dalton @ Steelers

Sit: Aaron Rodgers vs Cowboys

The Cowboys pass rush is legit and Rodgers has no one to throw too. Rodgers has averaged 242 yards and 1 TD in his career against the Cowboys, and I don’t see him having success this season either. The Cowboys are allowing 13 points per game and 203 yards and 1 TD per game. Avoid Rodgers this week.

Sit: Tyler Heinicke @ Eagles

Heinicke hasn’t been setting the world on fire since becoming the Commanders starter but he’s been serviceable, averaging 203 yards and 1.6 TDs in 3 games. Heinicke has only faced the Eagles once and they held him to 247 yards and no TDs. This week he faces an Eagles team that is limiting QBs to 11.4 points per game and 1 and 199 yards.


Start: Raheem Mostert @ Browns

You can run on the Browns. Mostert is the lead back and he has averaged 13 points per game. I know, not mind-blowing numbers but he has had to share the backfield all season, first with Chase Edmonds and now with Jeff Wilson and he has still been a flex play. Jeff Wilson is also a flex play this week against a Browns team allowing 24.6 points per game to the position.

Start: David Montgomery vs Lions

Much like the situation in Miami, there is lead back (Montgomery) and a secondary back (Herbert) that are both putting up usable numbers every week. Montgomery is averaging 15 points per week and is facing a Lions defense that is allowing 23.9 points per week. This is a week where you can start both Montgomery and Khalil Herbert and get production from them.

Sleeper: Jamal Williams vs Bears

Sit: Broncos RB @ Titans

I would avoid this backfield if you can. The only startable RB might be Melvin Gordon but you need him to find the endzone. This will be a three-headed monster with Gordon, Edmonds, and Murray. On top of not knowing who to count on, they are facing a Titans defense that has been solid vs the run, only allowing 17.3 points per game. Divided three ways, that is not a big number that you want to count on.

Sit: Devin Singletary vs Vikings

This is a pass first offense that just doesn’t rely on the RB, and who knows who the QB will be when they face the Vikings defense that is 6th against opposing RBs. Singletary has faced some tough run defenses (TEN, GB and PIT) at home this season and he is only averaging 42.7 rushing yards and no TDs. The Vikings are only giving up 17.6 points per game to the position. Leave Singletary on the bench.


Start: Chris Olave @ Steelers

The Steelers are the worst team with points allowed to the WR with 38.1 per game. Plus, Andy Dalton is a better QB during 1 p.m. games. This will be on the road so Dalton may struggle a little, but Olave is the only WR the Saints have that’s worth anything. Put Olave in your lineup.

Start: Jerry Jeudy @ Titans

Hopefully the Broncos come out of the bye week going strong, for the sake of Wilson, Jeudy and Sutton owners. Jeudy has been Russell Wilson’s favorite target and he is facing a Titans secondary that gives up fantasy points to the tune of 33.4 per game. Time to get Jeudy back in your lineup.

Sleeper: Darnell Mooney vs Lions; Christian Kirk vs Chiefs; Amari Cooper vs Dolphins

Sit: Titans WR vs Broncos

Last week the Titans threw the ball 16 times with Malik Willis at QB, only 5 of those 16 were caught. You can’t do anything with 5 receptions. This is a Derrick Henry offense, and I don’t see that changing this week against Denver, even if Tannehill comes back. Avoid these WRs against the defense that is also only allowing 17.4 points per game.

Sit: Brandin Cooks @ Giants

The Giants are one of the best at holding down opposing WRs, they only allow 22.1 points per game to the opposing WRs. Also, who knows where Cooks’ mind is at this point. He sat out last week with a “wrist” injury. I am assuming he is playing but outside of Pierce, this offense is not fantasy friendly.


Start: Cade Otten vs Seahawks

I am moving Otten to the start portion of this start/sit write up. He is facing the Seahawks team who for two years has been the worst against the TE. They are allowing 16.9 points per game to the position. Couple that with QB Tom Brady is going to try to show out in Germany on national TV. Otten is a good start this week if you need someone.

Sleeper: Cole Kmet vs Lions; Harrison Bryant or David Njoku vs Dolphins; Evan Engram @ Chiefs

Sit: Pat Freiermuth vs Saints

If you own Freiermuth, I doubt you can sit him, but he is facing the number 1 defense vs the TE in the Saints. The Saints are tough, only allowing 5.8 points per game to the position. I know you probably have to start Muth but lower expectations.

Thank you for reading my Start/Sit Column. Good luck in Week 10. You can find this and the rest of my work over at FantasyHolics on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/FantasyHolics

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