The Life of Our Actions

By Trey Tompkins

We’re in a great rush to make that transaction, so much time given into beating the deadline. How many moments do we forgo our life’s passion, to meet the demands of this invisible crime?

When we peak into the lives of monumental figures like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, or Abraham Lincoln, it has never been the mark of what they died of that defined them so much as what they lived for. I think this captures what it is we all wish to do. Live for a meaningful purpose.

A lot of us are giving a greater portion of our time into the fear of losing something in a certain way. Afraid of losing what it is we believe that can not be lived without. This can stem from financial grief to the fear of losing a loved one.

In the process, we take for granted many basic things. Breathing fresh air, silent moments of awareness, and being with friends and family are such examples. For me, exercise and writing fulfill my awareness of these subtle, yet powerful, moments.

I want what everybody wants. Happiness. This happens when I share and help others, which can occur in various ways. There’s no perfect mold for what makes us happy. Every set of fingerprints is unique to that person. We may all see the same world, but we all provide a different touch.

If my end goal is to die a happy, peaceful death, then I must live in this moment happily and peacefully. Burden can not pave this road for me. It’s based on the perspective we choose to have, and it really is in your hands. Choosing doesn’t happen by defining what we see, so much as how we decide to touch what we see.

When I look into what the meaning of exercise is for me, I look back to when I first began. It was never really hitting the max, running my fastest, or looking my best that made me feel good. It was the moments when I felt that strength and it rejuvenated me. This is what I want to share with others.

We cannot do this in our so-called comfort zones. It will happen when we pause away from them. When we get to the bare, raw essentials of life that sustain us. I encourage you to get around nature for this. It’s as simple as stepping outside for fresh air. Giving yourself these essentials will allow you to want more, in a healthier sense, to shape yourself and find meaning.

By Trey Tompkins

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.