Illusionist to perform at Heritage Church

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Bret Myers

Heritage Memorial Church is pleased to present two free presentations of the Christian illusionist, Brett A. Myers.

Sunday, Oct. 9, Brett will perform some of his illusions as the 11 a.m. worship service. There will not be an 8:45 a.m. service this day. He will perform more and new amazing feats during his unique presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Both shows are free, however a love offering will be taken.

“I make it very clear that what I do is an optical illusion and only God can do real miracles. I utilize comedy, audience participation, and sleight of hand to establish credibility with the audience; so that I may then share with them my personal testimony and effectively present the gospel,” said Myers, who is an illusionist who has taken his talents around the world. Each year he performs over 140 shows that include army bases, theaters, colleges, conferences, corporations, and churches from coast to coast to share the gospel of Christ.

Born in Chambersburg, Pa., he began touring at an early age and launched his ministry in 2005. Since then, he married his beautiful bride Labrina, and together they are now touring the country with their talents. Using a variety of amazing effects, Brett tells how he overcame fear, anxiety, and depression and how he discovered the true source of peace and fulfillment. His desire is to create environments that inspire life-change and challenge a person’s perception of reality, in a world of illusion.

“I believe that the teachings and character of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, are paramount to the way I live out every facet of my life. I also believe that I must be the very best at what I do, so the audience will want to listen to the message God has entrusted to me.”

When talking to hosts about my philosophy behind ministry, Myers often uses the example of Michael Jordan. “What does he know about clothing that I don’t? Absolutely, nothing…but he gets paid millions of dollars to do clothing commercials. Why? People believe that he is a credible person because he’s extremely gifted at what he does…basketball. In the same way, I build credibility with my audience through excellence in the talent that God has given me. Once a bridge of credibility is established, I can then effectively share my faith to an audience that is interested in what I have to say.”

Myers “AMAZING ILLUSIONS” will be at Heritage Memorial Church, 1867 Old US 35 NW at Jamison Road. Everyone is welcome.

Bret Myers Myers

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