Ohio Secretary of State to speak at Lincoln Day Dinner

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Jon Husted

The Fayette County Republicans have announced that the featured speakers at the upcoming 53rd-annual Lincoln Day Dinner will be Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and a man who will portray President Abraham Lincoln.

The dinner will be held on Monday, Feb. 29 at the Mahan Building on the Fayette County Fairgrounds. Social hour is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. and dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m. by The Willow.

Husted began his political career in 2000 when he ran for the Ohio House of Representatives, winning in a five-way race. He also served as Speaker of the House.

After serving four terms in the legislature and becoming term-limited, in 2008, Husted was elected to the Ohio Senate, representing the 6th District. On Nov. 2, 2010, Husted was elected with a strong majority to the office of Ohio Secretary of State.

In 2012, Husted became the first Secretary of State in Ohio history to send out applications for absentee ballots to all eligible voters. During his time as Secretary of State, he has encouraged the importance of higher education, especially in the areas of technology, engineering and mathematics.

“President Abraham Lincoln” will be portrayed by John Cooper, who began impersonating Lincoln about 25 years ago while his children were in elementary school in the Pickerington school system. A co-worker said he reminded her of Abraham Lincoln due to his tall stature and Lincoln-style beard.

Having discovered an old Lincoln-style coat in his mother’s attic, he then acquired a stovepipe hat and began impersonations around Presidents’ Day in the elementary schools. Cooper is a self-avowed history nut, and he considers Lincoln his favorite and the greatest president. He has an extensive personal history library that includes over 60 books about Lincoln and his colleagues.

The ticket price for the Lincoln Day Dinner is $30 per person. Please contact Jim Ward at 740-335-5009, Wayne Arnold at 614-620-2014 or any Fayette County Republican Central Committee member. The public is welcome.

Jon Husted
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Staff report