Anderson named commissioner chair

Residents appointed to various county positions

By Martin Graham -

Tony Anderson

Tony Anderson was appointed the 2016 chairman of the board for the Fayette County Commissioners recently.

The commissioners met to discuss various positions that needed to be filled on Jan. 11. Starting with Anderson’s appointment and Dan Dean being appointed vice-chairman of the board, 14 appointments were made in total throughout the meeting. According to the commissioners, these two positions have been rotated between the three of them for years to keep the load off of one particular commissioner.

“It was my turn in the rotation to accept the position and this is mostly so if someone comes to speak with the commissioners or if one commissioner needs to be the lead for special grants, the chairman is the one they turn to,” Anderson said during an interview Tuesday. “I am looking forward to new opportunities this year and the commissioners are remaining hopeful about the mega-site in Fayette County. Unfortunately, we believe that national and international turmoil is adding to the difficulty of filling that site, but we have high hopes. I would also like to commend the (Fayette County Memorial Hospital) board for doing a great job in serving the community. They have continued to provide solid care for the county between making very difficult decisions. Lastly, we have been working hard to improve our relationship with the city (Washington C.H.), which continues to serve as the focal point for the county. We will continue onward and upward with all of our duties throughout this year.”

Other appointments made during the meeting included: Dana Foor was named administrative clerk, Sue A. Smith was named assistant clerk, special deputy Bruce Denen was assigned as Fayette County Dog Warden, Dean was appointed as the commissioners’ representative to the Family and Children first council, commissioner Jack DeWeese was appointed as Fayette County’s representative on the OVRDC Executive Committee, Anderson was appointed the designee to the Solid Waste Management District Policy Committee, and DeWeese was appointed to serve as the designee, and Dean as alternate, to the Community Action Commission Board of Trustees.

The appointments continued and it was moved that Faye Williamson serve as the designee to the Community Action Commission Board of Trustees, the commissioners and County Engineer Steve Luebbe were appointed to serve as the commissioner’s representatives to the Board of Trustees of the Community Improvement Corporation of Washington Court House and Fayette County, Dean was appointed as the representative to the Travel and Tourism Board, Leigh Cannon and Julianna Stepter were appointed to serve on the Child Abuse and Child Neglect Regional Prevention Council as county prevention specialists for a two-year term, and Anderson and Dean were designated as the official voting representative and alternate, respectively, for Fayette County for the County Commissioner Association of Ohio.

The commissioners approved several contracts as well during this meeting, including a contract between the Fayette County Child Support Enforcement Agency (FCCSEA) and the Fayette County Common Pleas Clerk of Court to provide various clerk services. A contract between the FCCSEA and the county juvenile court to provide clerk services was approved. Finally, a contract was approved between the FCCSEA and Kristina M. Oesterle so she can act as administrative hearing officer related to the issues of paternity and payment of child support.

Tony Anderson Anderson
Residents appointed to various county positions

By Martin Graham

Reach Martin Graham at (740) 313-0351 or on Twitter @MartiTheNewsGuy

Reach Martin Graham at (740) 313-0351 or on Twitter @MartiTheNewsGuy