Annual tree seedling and native plant sale underway

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Fayette Farm Life 4-H Club members planting native flowers at the Fayette Fish and Game Building.

The Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District (Fayette SWCD) is holding its seventh-annual seedling tree and native plant sale.

Members of the public have the opportunity to purchase tree seedlings at very reasonable prices. “We have a nice variety of trees again this year, including flowering, edible, wildlife, wet areas, and pollinators,” said Chet Murphy, director of Fayette SWCD. “Species offered this year include Allegheny Serviceberry, American Hazelnut, Bottlebrush Buckeye, Northern Pecan, Pawpaw, Red Oak, Redbud, Sugar Maple, White Flowering Dogwood, White Oak, and many others. Trees may be purchased in lots as small as five seedlings of any species. This makes it easier for the customer to create a custom packet. All trees being offered are native to Ohio.”

There are many reasons to plant trees. Bedsides being aesthetically pleasing, they protect our environment by filtering pollution from the air and soil, helping to recycle water, slowing water runoff, and preventing soil loss. They also improve our surroundings by creating shade, giving shelter from wind and rain, providing homes for animals, making food for humans and wildlife, and providing an interesting, soothing, learning environment for our children and community.

Individual species are available in quantities of five, 25, or 100. The deadline for ordering is March 16. The trees are scheduled for pickup on April 6.

“It’s that time of year to start thinking about planting your flower beds,” added Brigitte Hisey, Fayette SWCD Natural Resource Specialist. “Why not plant some native plants to help pollinators like native bees and monarchs. We have kits available. This year we have added a Prairie Kit. Pollinator, Wetland, and Butterfly Kits will also again be available. The kits are $100 each and include 50 plants. There are 10 plant varieties in each kit.

“Individual plants offerings are available so you can try some natives out without purchasing a kit. The individual plants are Swamp Milkweed, Great Blue Lobelia, and Spottted Joe Pye Weed. Swamp Milkweed are my favorite. Don’t let the name fool you, swamp milkweed can grow anywhere. I had nine monarch caterpillars on mine the first year. Swamp Milkweed bloom late. Great for migrating butterflies and many other pollinators. Plugs for these plants are $2 each. The order deadline is March 16. Plants and kits should be in by mid- May.”

Go to the Fayette SWCD Facebook page to review tree descriptions and order forms or email for a printable version. For more information or to place an order, visit the Fayette SWCD office at 1415 US 22 SW, Suite 500, Washington Court House.

Fayette Farm Life 4-H Club members planting native flowers at the Fayette Fish and Game Building. Farm Life 4-H Club members planting native flowers at the Fayette Fish and Game Building.

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